Nilstat Oral Drops 24mL (S3)S



Nilstat Oral Drops contain nystatin, an antifungal used to treat Candida infections of the mouth and oral cavity known as oral thrush.


Nilstat Oral Drops are used to treat infections of the mouth and oral cavity caused by the yeast-like fungus Candida albicans. Infection with Candida (candidiasis) is also known as oral thrush and appears as patches of creamy/white spots in the mouth, usually the tongue or cheeks, but can spread to the gums and back of the throat.

The infection can cause discomfort and bleed if disturbed such as when brushing your teeth. Candida is normally present in the mouth in small amounts and is kept from spreading by other microorganisms.

However, if Candida grows unchecked and increases in numbers sufficient to tip the healthy balance between yeast and bacteria, this can cause infection. Some conditions like diabetes, impaired immune system, such as those imunocompromised by HIV infection can disturb this balance; also some medications like antibiotics and corticosteroids.

Wearing ill-fitting dentures can also increase the risk of Candida infection. Nilstat Oral Drops are used as a topical treatment to kill the Candida yeast that causes infection in the mouth, relieving symptoms and preventing spread of infection.