A medicine is something that is used to alleviate a condition. We abide by Western Australian laws; these are either

  • Available in the shop, and available for purchase without any interaction with a pharmacy staff member 
  • S2 (Pharmacy Only) : Behind the counter and requiring interaction with a qualified pharmacy staff
  • S3 (Pharmacist Only) : Behind the counter and requiring interaction with a pharmacist. 
  • S4 : Prescription Only

Please note that a medicine may be subject to different laws as all states have slightly different requirements according to the individual state Board. We treat all sales of medicines as if they are sold in-store in Western Australia.  

If required, we will have a list of questions on the individual product page. We will require a reply before the medicine is shipped out. This is not only required by law, but we also care about your health! To speed up the process, you can copy and paste the questions and send it to us via email ( ) or via the Contact Us page after checking out. Please be sure to send us your Order number as part of the email or form. Repeat customers who have previously answered the questions may just let us know about any changes in medications or conditions (or that there are no changes) to simplify the process.  

For ethical reasons, we do not sell codeine and pseudoephedrine containing medicines.

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