Panadol 1-5yr Colour-free Orange



Panadol Children 1-5 Years offers fast pain relief and reduces fever with an orange flavour.

Use Children's Panadol for:

Fast effective temporary relief from fever and pain associated with:

  • Teething.
  • Immunization.
  • Earache.
  • Headache.
  • Cold & Flu Symptoms.


Do not use Children's Panadol:

  • If your child is using other medicines containing paracetamol, except on medical advice
  • For more than 48 hrs at a time, except on medical advice
  • If any of the seals on this package are broken
  • If the package use-by date has expired


Keep out of reach of children.


Paracetamol 24mg/mL, Hydroxybenzoates, No artificial colours 115mg/mL Sorbitol and 371mg/mL of Maltitol (which may have a laxative effect or cause diarrhoea)


How to use Children's Panadol

  • Please read and retain the carton 
  • Shake the bottle well 
  • Use the measuring cup provided to accurately measure 
  • Pour correct dose into the cup based on the dosage table below 
  • Calculate correct dose based on the child's weight. If weight is unknown, use the child's age.
Age: 1-2 Yrs Average Weight: 10-12 kg Dose: 3-4mL
Age: 2-3 Yrs Average Weight: 12-14 kg Dose: 4mL
Age: 3-4 Yrs Average Weight: 14-16 kg Dose: 4-5mL
Age: 4-5 Yrs Average Weight: 16-18 kg Dose: 5-6mL
Age: 5-6 Yrs Average Weight: 18-20 kg Dose: 6mL
Age: 6-7 Yrs Average Weight: 20-22 kg Dose: 6-7mL
Age: 7-8 Yrs Average Weight: 22-25 kg Dose: 7-8mL
Age: 8-9 Yrs Average Weight: 25-28kg Dose: 8-9mL
Age: 9-10 Yrs Average Weight: 28-32 kg Dose: 9-10mL
Age: 10-11 Yrs Average Weight: 32-36 kg Dose: 10-11mL
Age: 11-12 Yrs Average Weight: 36-41 kg Dose: 11-13mL
  • Repeat 4-6 hourly if required (maximum 4 times within 24 hours) 
  • Can be given with water or fruit juice if preferred by your child.
After using Children's Panadol:
  • Hand wash dosing device.
  • Wipe the neck of the bottle clean
  • Push the cap down and turn it to close cap tightly, then turn backwards until you hear clicking sounds.