Nyda Head Lice Treatment 50mL



NYDA works in just one hour, so the hair will be free from lice and eggs in no time.


Simply spray on, wait 1 hour, comb to remove lice and eggs, wash hair with normal shampoo and say goodbye to your head lice problems!

*Family dose is estimated as one application for 3-4 people. This may vary depending on length and thickness of hair

Healthy hints

  • Check each family member’s hair regularly for head lice or eggs (which are also called nits) and then treat family members who have any live lice.
  • To kill any lice that have fallen onto pillowcases you can wash them in hot water that’s at least 60°C or iron with a hot iron or put them in the tumble dryer on the ‘hot’ setting for 15 minutes.
  • Combs and hairbrushes may collect some live lice and can be easily cleaned by placing the comb or brush in a mug of water that’s 60°C or hotter for 60 seconds.
  • The formula contains no neurotoxic pesticides, is easy to apply and the product’s effectiveness is supported by laboratory and clinical tests.