Lavender Oil Bosisto's



Bosisto’s Lavender is a luxurious essential oil blend using lavendula oils to create a soothing fragrance.


  • Lavender Essential Oil blend
  • Luxurious lavender fragrance
  • Naturally calms and soothes
  • For rest and relaxation
  • Use in bedroom and nursery
  • Australian owned

Lavender is one of the most popular of all essential oils, renowned for its calming properties. It has a soothing effect that helps promote sleep. Lavender can be used in a variety of ways from inhalations and baths to massage.

How to Use

Personal Uses:


Lavender Massage

    • Dilute 5 drops (1/4 mL) of Bosisto’s Lavender per 10mL of carrier oil (such as almond or olive oil). Massage into back, neck and shoulders for soothing relief.
    Soothing Foot Oil
      • Combine 1 capful of Bosisto’s Lavender to 100mL almond or olive oil. Rub oil between hands to warm up then massage onto tired feet.
      • Can also be massaged into dry hands.

      Note: All blends should be used within 4 weeks.


      • Quick relax
      • Dab a few drops directly on temples (avoid eyes).

      Lavender Bath

      • Draw a warm bath and add 2 capfuls of Bosisto’s Lavender to relax the body and mind.
      • Especially beneficial before going to bed.

      Aroma Pillow

      • Add a few drops of Bosisto’s Lavender onto pillow, or place few drops of on a tissue near your pillow at night.


      • Add Bosisto’s Lavender to an oil burner. Always extinguish candle before sleep and never leave an oil burner unattended.

      Household Uses

      Aromatic - Laundry

      • Add two capfuls of Bosisto’s Lavender to laundry wash to freshen and fragrance.
      • Freshener
      Freshen musty areas eg. clothes drawers and wardrobes using several drops of Bosisto’s Lavender. Apply as required.

      • Soak a cotton wool ball in Bosisto’s Lavender and place at the base of household bins to keep them smelling fresh for days.

      A luxurious blend of lavendula oils including Lavendula angustifolia and Lavendula intermedia, specifically chosen for their fragrance.


      Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor.