HL7 Head Lice Comb



Long and short Stainless steel teeth are strategically spaced to remove head lice and nits and have a rounded tip to ensure safe combing to the scalp.


Constructed for durability - solid, moulded plastic, with no detachable parts to lose or break. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand to allow easier combing. Handle stands upright for easy storage (no mess)


  • Apply HL 7 Medicated Shampoo to dry hair and follow the directions on pack.
  • Alternatively apply HL 7 Natural (30-60ml) into dry hair and follow directions on pack.
  • Remove knots by combing with an ordinary comb. Separate the hair into 2cm sections.
  • Use the HL 7 Head Lice Comb, to comb slowly through the hair. Choose the side that most suits your hair type. Start close to the scalp, working through to the ends.
  • Wipe the HL 7 Head Lice Comb onto a tissue looking for lice and eggs then comb through the next separated section.
  • Continue to remove all lice and eggs with the HL 7 Head Lice Comb ensuring total lice removal. Rinse out with slightly warm water.
  • Towel dry hair.
  • DO NOT USE ARTIFICIAL HEAT eg. hair dryer. Check hair with magnifying glass, especially close to the scalp. Re-check every 2 days and repeat steps above if necessary.
  • Remember to check all family members.


Always read the label. Use only as directed.