Fitty Dent Cleansing Tablets 32



Fittydent®Super Cleansing Tablets efficiently remove stains from dentures and removable orthodontic appliances quickly and hygienically.

Fittydent®Super Cleansing Tablets keep dentures and orthodontic appliances clean and fresh. They eliminate the bacteria that cause bad odour and dental plaque, as well as stains from tea, coffee and tobacco.

Its specific formula also cleans non water-soluble Fittydent® Adhesive residue.


Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate

  • Whitening

Sodium perborate monohydrate

  • Whitening

Potassium monopersulphate

  • Antiseptic

Sodium lauryl sulfate

  • Detergent


Fittydent® Super Cleansing Tablets can be used in denture wearers and people with removable orthodontic appliances.

How to Use

Before using

  • Clean denture with a toothbrush under running water.
  • Drop one Fittydent® Cleansing Tablet into a glass of warm water. There must be enough water to cover the denture or orthodontic appliance completely.
  • Soak denture or orthodontic appliance for at least 5 minutes, because this way, even non water-soluble residues will disappear. For best results, use Fittydent® Cleansing Tablets once a day.
After using
  • Rinse denture or orthodontic appliance under running water and dry it thoroughly before applying the adhesive again. Fittydent® Cleansing Tablets are recommended for people using Fittydent® Adhesive, since it will efficiently remove non water-soluble adhesive residues.

Warnings and Suggestions

  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not put tablets in your mouth.