Seabond Denture Lower 30's



Sea-Bond Denture Adhesive is not a paste or a powder, but a thin wafer seal with three powerful adhesives that holds dentures in place all day without the ooze and mess of pastes. Sea-Bond uppers and lowers are sold separately.

Sea-Bond is a zinc-free product. Each wafer has a side tinted in pink. The color is there to help you know which side to place against the denture. The side with the pink tint should be placed against the denture.


  • Application: Trim to fit. Moisten with fingertip. Moisten the wafer with your fingertip and place the pink side against the denture. Press In Place. Press dentures into place and hold firmly until secure. The adhesive power of Sea-Bond is activated by the natural fluids of the mouth. Use the easy-to-follow directions on back of the box.
  • Removal: Simply lift the corner and peel away.

Wafer should be replaced daily.