Diuret 60



Excess water can make you look puffy, not to mention the discomfort!


Diuret is a premium diuretic that can help flatten your tummy. 

Diuret may help:

  • Aid or assist in the treatment of mild fluid retention.
  • Provide relief from fluid retention.
  • Provide a natural approach to maintaining healthy fluid balance.
  • Eliminate excess water and bloating caused by water retention.
  • Relieve excess water weight and reduce bloating associated with mild fluid retention.
  • Celery seed is thought to assist the elimination of uric acid and other metabolites, to then help relieve mild instances of rheumatism or gout.
  • Uva Ursi has been used in traditional herbal medicine as a diuretic, and is thought to contain antiseptic & astringent properties.
  • Maintain or improve general well being by helping to maintain healthy fluid balance.