Wart Off Paint 6mL



Provides an innovative treatment for the removal of warts both on the hands and feet.

Its special design and the unique easy-to-use application method make this device particularly suitable for home use.
  • Unnecessary pain is avoided as the wart-freezing action is short-lived and gradual; this makes it particularly child friendly.
  • Is effective as it encloses the wart and freezes it to the core.
  • The transparency of the applicator head, the "closed chamber" application and the metered dose mechanism make the device especially safe.
  • Treatment of the wart is fast: 10 seconds after the release of the croliquid the wart is frozen.
  • Is specially designed for an easy-to-use application at home and requires no pre-assembly.

Within 10-14 days of treating of the wart, it will usually fall off leaving new healthy skin behaind it.


Indicated for use on adults and children over 4 years

For external use only

Carefully read the instruction leaflet before use.

Protect from sunlight do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50C