Vicks Fever Insight Thermometer



8 Second Accurate Reading

The Vicks Fever InSight Digital Thermometer is faster than any other digital thermometer giving an accurate reading after 8 seconds. No more trying to hold the thermometer in the mouth or under the arm for 60 seconds, now just 8 seconds and read.

This makes it ideal for infants and children who find staying still very difficult and also ideal for health care professionals whose time is very valuable.

  • Professional Accuracy

The Vicks Fever InSight Thermometer has clinically proven accuracy giving a correct temperature between +/- 0.1°C and is designed to be clinically accurate within a range of 32.2°C to 42.8°C.

  • 3 in 1 Thermometer

The thermometer is designed for oral, rectal and underarm use. It can be safely used on adults and children in a variety of situations.

  • Easy to Read

The large colour LCD display makes the temperature easy to read even in low light.

  • Safe

The Vicks Fever InSight Digital Thermometer is very safe and child friendly. It contains no glass that could break and no mercury, giving peace of mind especially where children are concerned. It also has finger grips on the thermometer surface for easy and safe handling. Plus, it comes with a convenient storage case to help keep it hygienically clean while not in use.

  • Memory Recall

The Vicks Fever InSight Digital Thermometer has a memory recall function, so the last temperature reading is displayed automatically when the unit is turned on again.

  • Waterproof

The probe area is waterproof for cleaning and sterilizing.

  • Trusted Brand

The Vicks brand and products are well known and respected in Australian households. Vicks has maintained a high level of product quality and efficacy over many decades.