Vicks Baby Balsam 50g



On fussy-nights, provide rapid relief for your baby with Vicks Baby Balsam!


The TLC-combination of Mommy’s warm, loving touch and a small dab of this soothing balm can take care of less discomfort and more happy cuddles in the nursery.

Vicks for babies are formulated specifically for kids from 3 months to 5 years, Vicks Baby Balsam’s calming fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender soothe and relax your little ones. Vicks Baby Balsam has Aloe extract and dermatological approval for baby use to help keep this baby ointment gentle even on delicate infant skin.

A mother’s touch can have a profound positive effect on babies and young kids alike. So make it your nighttime bonding ritual to give your little darling a small, sweet massage with Vicks Baby Balsam — and wake up worry-free to a happier baby.

Standard size:

50g (A li'l goes a long, long way!)