Ventolin Volumatic Spacer



Using a spacer with a puffer makes it easier to take the medicine, and also gets more of the medicine into the lungs so it works better.


Generally, using a spacer with a puffer is much better than using a puffer alone.

  • All children should use a spacer to take their medicine, for both reliever and preventer puffers.
  • Adults and adolescents are recommended to always use a spacer with their prevented puffer, though they can use their reliever puffer with or without a spacer.

 A spacer is a plastic container with a mouthpiece (or mask for very young children) at one end and a hole for the inhaler at the other. The medicine is ‘fired’ from the puffer into the spacer and is then inhaled.

Note: Spacers can only be used with puffers

Did you know? Using a spacer with your reliever medicine in an asthma flare-up is as effective as or even better than using a nebuliser; and it’s faster and easier. You’ll probably have fewer side effects too.