Suu Balm® SuuBalm Facial Cleanser 100mL - Gentle and Moisturising

Corner Chemist


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Suu Balm Facial Cleanser is ultra-gentle for dry or sensitive facial skin. Many cleansers are alkaline, which damages the skin barrier – not Suu Balm – it has the ideal acidity to help restore the skin barrier to a healthy state. It is a rich, creamy formulation due to the Shea Butter inside, which moisturises the skin as you cleanse. It is free from soaps and potentially harmful sulfates (SLS, SLES) and parabens.
  • Formulated by the National Skin Centre (NSC)
  • Soap, SLS/SLES, preservative and fragrance free.
  • Gentle and premium ingredients to cleanse, moisturise and soothe tender skin.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate-hydrophilic water retaining technology to keep your skin hydrated.


A gentle formula suitable for sensitive skin to cleanse effectively without drying the skin

Suu Balm contains a specific ingredient to provide rapid itch relief – menthol – which gives a fresh, cooling sensation on the skin to replace the tormenting itch, giving you relief in minutes. At the same time, Ceramides help in restoring the skin’s moisture.




• The absence of preservatives, parabens and fragrances makes this product suitable for all skin types.