Rexona Antiperspirant Invisible Black & White for Men 200mL



An antiperspirant deodorant with our best anti-marks protection. Helps reduce sweat, odour and underarm stains.


Our best anti-marks protection ever against underarm stains on clothes. 

  • MotionSenseTM technology to stay fresh as you move.
  • All day fresh and airy fragrance with a clean feel.
  • Up to 48-hour protection against sweat.
Build your day around your wardrobe. Not your antiperspirant deodorant. Rexona Men Invisible Black & White Compressed Antiperspirant Deodorant, gives you up to 48 hours of protection that works just where it’s meant to.
Some antiperspirant deodorants can mix with sweat and oils produced by your body, increasing the chance of underarm stains. This men’s antiperspirant deodorant helps to reduce white marks on dark clothes and yellow ones on white. Your clothes are protected. And so are you.

MotionSenseTM technology responds as you move. Microcapsules of rich, woody scent break open with friction to release a burst of freshness. You keep moving. It keeps working. 

Make your mark. Your antiperspirant deodorant won’t.
Rexona. It won’t let you down.

*ethyl alcohol.