Polident Adhesive Cream Flavour Free 60g



Polident Complete Comfort Denture Adhesive Cream Flavour Free.


  • Extra Bite Force.
  • Helps seal out food.
  • Cushions the gums.
  • Extra hold.
  • Enhances a well fitting denture.
  • Easy to apply with Ooze Control Tip.


Poly(Methylvinylether/Maleic Acid) Sodium-Calcium Mixed Partial Salt, Petrolatum Blend, Carboxymethylcellulose, Mineral Oil Light.


Directions for Use: For the first time, use a SMALL amount. Use more if needed. Too much adhesive can cause oozing; apply less next time if this occurs. It may take a few times to find the right amount for your denture. Apply once a day for a secure hold. If you need to apply more than once a day seek the advice of your dental care professional.


  1. Clean and dry denture.
  2. Apply in SHORT STRIPS not too close to denture edges.
  3. Rinse mouth before inserting denture.
  4. Press denture into place, hold firmly and bite down for a few seconds to secure hold.
  1. Rinse mouth with water.
  2. Slowly remove denture using a rocking motion.
  3. Remove adhesive residue from denture and mouth with warm water and a soft brush.
  4. Thoroughly clean denture with Polident Denture Cleaner.


Keep out of reach of children. A few individuals may be allergic to this product. If you experience an allergic reaction or discomfort, stop use immediately. Swallowing small amounts, when used as directed, may occur and is not harmful. Ill-fitting dentures may impair your health. Visit your dentist regularly to check your denture fit.