Plunkett Superfade Cream 60mL



Superfade Cream is formulated to effectively remove brown marks age spots, dark marks, freckles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, hormone marks and uneven pigmentation from the hands and body.

  • Clinically proven pigmentation corrector
  • Fades pigmentation within 6-8 weeks
  • Simply apply cream before moisturising
  • Contains 2% Hydroquinone 
  • Stops pigmentation at the source
  • Not a cover-up, not a bleach and not a cosmetic
  • Use for even-toned, younger looking skin
  • Targets pigmentation for hands and body

Superfade is a pharmacy only medicine, no prescription needed. In Australia it can only be supplied by a pharmacist or an online pharmacy. 

You will receive an error message on the checkout page if you have an Australian address. All other addresses will be accepted.