Nuvexa (FBCx) Tablets 90


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Nuvexa binds with dietary fat to help maintain healthy levels of cholesterol & triglycerides and to help reduce calories.


Nuvexa contains FBCx® (patented alpha-cylcodextrin), a naturally sourced heart healthy fibre which has been researched for over a decade.

Binding up to nine times its weight in dietary fat, Nuvexa can help reduce up to 54 g (2,036 kJ/486 Cals) a day of fat from food from being absorbed by your body. Clinical studies show that Nuvexa may assist patients looking to maintaining healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


Nuvexa contains Patented FBCx

Each tablet contains

  • 1 g alfadex (alpha-cyclodextrin)



  • 2 tablets with a fat-containing snack meal or snack 3 times daily.

As Nuvexa contains dietary fibre, ensure adequate intake of water.