Nuk Sootherx2 Glow Age 6-18m 2 Packs



The NUK Night Glow Pacifier brings together design and function with a big button that glows in the dark.


The contemporary shape and larger button bring the best designs to life. Sold as a 2 pack, these are button pacifiers with orthodontic silicone nipples. Size 2 is appropriate for infants 6 to 18 months of age. All NUK pacifiers are BPA Free. These pacifiers are MADE IN THE USA.

About NUK

Over 55 years ago, NUK invented the orthodontic shape pacifier to mimic the natural shape of mom's nipple while breastfeeding. This makes for easy transition from breast to pacifier and back. The nipple is asymmetrical to best naturally fit baby's pallet, which helps promote Healthy Oral Development. 

NUK now features an improved nipple and based on research, this improved nipple calms and soothes baby better than our original nipple. It has a scooped nipple cavity for maximum tongue movement, integrated channels for less palate pressure and still features our great heart shaped shield that prevents irritation and fits well under baby's nose for easier breathing. 

See the Button Glow

Make sure to expose the pacifiers to light for about 2 minutes before bedtime and see the green glow, which will allow parents to easily find the pacifier at night if it falls out of their child's mouth.

New Night Glow pacifiers, glow in the dark so it's easy to find at night

    • NUK Orthodontic Pacifiers, with our improved nipple soothes and calms baby better than our original nipple and its asymmetrical shape helps promote healthy oral development by naturally fitting into your baby's pallet, while the heart shaped shield fits perfectly under baby's nose for comfort, easy breathing and less irritation
  • Scoop nipple cavity allows maximum tongue movement, which gently exercises your baby's tongue, palate and jaw and promotes proper teeth alignment by helping your baby avoid thumb-sucking