Cambridge Mask Basic Reusable N95 mask

Corner Chemist


A high quality, reusable mask, The Cambridge Mask Co Basic N95 mask effectively protects against pollutants, and airborne viruses and bacteria. 

  • 70-90 hours usage
  • Tested to N95 standards
  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Adjustable earstraps


Getting the RIGHT mask

Human faces come in all different shapes and sizes. Getting the right fit can be tricky, but is very important. Read on to find out how you can order the right size mask for you.

How your mask fits is imperative to the filters’ ability to work effectively. Respirators should be a snug fit, without any gaps for unfiltered air to leak through.

Here are 2 ways that will help you make a more accurate purchasing decision.

1st. Measure from the middle of your nose to about a little over an inch under your chin, this would be your reference for the first number on our size chart.
2nd. Measure from right cheekbone to the left, for the width of the mask
Please refer to picture with measurementsMasks have an adjustable nose-clip and toggles on the chin so that you may tighten and loosen the mask to achieve a perfect seal.



Alternatively, the most approximate size can be estimated by weight. 

XS - Age 1.5-4 - 6-10kgs

S - Kids 5-10 - 11-32kgs

M - 33-64kgs

L - 65-89kgs

XL - 90kgs+


**Please note that while we have two colours listed, we only have a limited quantity of each and may not be able to accomodate the colour. Most importantly, we would like the fit to be perfect, so the mask is effective.