Murine Revital Eyes 15mL



Soothes and moistens dry eyes


We’re all susceptible to experiencing dry and overworked eyes from our modern lifestyle.

Working at computers for extended periods, long-distance travel and air-conditioned environments are all culprits. Contact lens wearers and older people (particularly women due to hormonal changes such as menopause) are also prone to experiencing dry eyes more frequently.

Each time the eye blinks the eyelid spreads tears across the surface of the eye to form a film. The film acts to reduce the evaporation of moisture from the eye, helping it stay hydrated. Dry eyes can occur when we either don’t produce enough tears or when a gap in the protective film allows moisture to be lost.

The Solution:

Murine® Revital Eyes soothes and moistens dry eyes.

Murine® Revital Eyes is a gently buffered solution specially formulated to closely match the natural fluid of the eye. The ‘artificial tear formula’ contains many of the major ingredients found in natural tears. It is ideal for lubricating eyes that feel dried out and irritated.