Michaels Prim E Cream+ Sunscreen 375g



Michael's Prim-E cream is a pharmacist formulated product range that contains high potency key active ingredients which assist in nourishing and moisturising very dry skin.


Michael's Prim-E provides your skin with a Day & Night combined treatment to protect against harmful UV rays during the day and richly nourish your skin each night.

Michael's Prim-E is recommended to be used every day and night to reduce the visibility of skin damage caused by aging, scarring, stretch marks, wrinkles and sun exposure. michael's Prim-E is only available from pharmacies, where you can expect the most professional service and advise.

Michael's Prim-E Cream with Sunscreen (spf20 Day Cream) is a light, UV protective day cream to protect against sun damage and prevent photo aged skin. Ideal under make-up for daily protection.