Medela Calma Solitaire Teat



Feeding with Calma®

Calma: Designed exclusively for breast milk feeding, Calma is designed to complement, not replace, the breast as the primary source of breast milk and comfort for baby!

Helpful tips during feeding

  • Place a small pillow on your lap to help support baby as needed.
  • Put baby on his or her side with head slightly elevated, bottom towards your belly. 
  • Baby’s head should be up, lined up with his or her body, and chin slightly forward.3
  • Baby’s arms and shoulders should be forward and rounded.
  • Tickle baby’s top lip with the nipple and stroke downward, trying to tease out the tongue.
  • Promptly place the nipple into baby’s mouth and watch for lips to flange outward on the wider part of the nipple. 
  • Listen for swallowing as baby sucks.
  • Halfway through the feeding, turn baby to the other side. Alternatively, baby can sit upright with back rounded and elbows forward
  • Do not put baby on his or her back to feed.