Lansinoh Breast Milk Bags 25 Packs



Lansinoh's #1 selling breast milk storage bags are ideal for storing and freezing precious breast milk.


Lansinoh bags come pre-sterilized and have a patented double Click ‘n’ Secure™ seal to prevent leakage. With reinforced side seals and a double-sealed gusset, Lansinoh bags are the strongest breast milk storage bags available. BPA and BPS free.

Now, Pump directly into bags 2 ways:

  • Using Lansinoh pump – Attach bag to expression set and pump directly into bag.
  • Using most standard size pumps* - Attach adapter to expression set and pump directly into bags.

Adapters sold separately

IMPORTANT! Ensure your Lansinoh® Breastmilk Storage Bag has white and purple flowers and a white line above the logo. If your bag does not have this design, it is not compatible with pumping directly into the bag.

*Adapters work with most Ameda®, Medela® and Evenflo® pumps.