Keenmind Capsules 60



KeenMind is a natural supplement that supports focus, memory, learning retention, and concentration.

Do you have trouble staying focused? Are you looking to improve your brain health? Do you need help with memory and retaining what you have learned? KeenMind is a natural cognitive enhancer that may be right for you.

KeenMind has a number of clinically proven benefits for brain health. Clinical trials have shown that the exclusive extract of Bacopa Monnieri used in KeenMind may help:
  • mental clarity: assisting focus and concentration, helping you to keep on task and maintain your attention span to help you remain productive
  • working memory : help improve the processing of information and to reduce your rate of forgetting
  • maintain healthy cognitive function - Aiding learning retention-helping you to process, store, and recall information.
KeenMind's support for memory and concentration may be particularly beneficial during times of stress.1-3

Check with your doctor, pharmacist or natural health practitioner if KeenMind is right for you.