Ionil-T Scalp Cleanser Shampoo



Ionil T is effective as a therapeutic treatment for use in the control of seborrhea and itching scalp, and as an aid in the treatment of psoriasis.  

It contains no soaps or detergents.


Avoid contact with eyes. Upon contact with eyes flush with clean water.


Contains: Coal Tar Solution 42.5mg/mL, Salicylic Acid 20mg/mL (2%)

Preservative: Edetate sodium 0.03mg/mL, Benzalkonium chloride 2mg/mL.


  1. Wet hair with water and massage scalp with small amount of Ionil T.
  2. Rinse with water.
  3. Then apply larger amount of lather to remain for 5 minutes.
  4. Then rinse thoroughly with water.
  5. Repeat treatment once or twice weekly, or as directed by a doctor. 

For best results, use no soap, detergent or shampoo before or shampoo before or after using Ionil T.