Holdtite Cream Extra Strength 58g



The extra strength formula helps seal out food and will hold dentures comfortably in place for confidence that lasts throughout the day.


Clinical tests prove that Holdtite Cream provides a smooth, soft, cushioning layer that olds dentures firmly and comfortably in your mouth. The cream also contains a special breath freshener to help keep your breath fresh for hours.


Calcium/sodium Pvm/ma Coplymer, Paraffinium Liquidium, Cellulose Gum, Petrolatum, Mint Flavor, Silica, Propylparaben, Colour (127).


  1. Clean dentures thoroughly. Holdtite Cream can be used on either dry or wet dentures.
  2. For the upper dentures, squeeze short strips of the cream along the grooves and down the denture line.
  3. For the lower dentures, squeeze one or more thin strips in the centre of the groove. Do not apply cream near the edges of dentures. 4. Press the dentures firmly in position and hold for a few minutes until set.


Note: Holdtite Cream can be used on either dry or wet dentures. Since mouth conditions vary, it may take a few trials to get the best placement of Holdtite Cream for your needs. 

Do not apply cream near edges of dentures. For best results squeeze tube from bottom and keep cap on tube when not in use.