Eucalyptus Spray 200mL Bosisto



Quick, easy and mess-free, Eucalyptus Spray is another terrific way to use eucalyptus oil, especially for household uses.

Eucalyptus oil is a ‘volatile’ substance which means it evaporates after a time exposed to the air. This makes it perfect for cleaning and stain removal because it doesn’t leave a greasy ‘film’ – just a germ-free surface and a lingering fresh, natural aroma.

How to Use

Antiseptic & insect Bites
  • For natural relief, apply to minor cuts, abrasions and insect bites: hold can approximately 15cm from the skin and spray.
Arthritis, Muscle Aches and Pains
  • Soothe aches without harsh-smelling ‘heat rubs’: hold can 12-15cm from affected area and spray, then vigorously rub the sprayed areas.
Kill 99.99 Percent of Germs
  • Spray generously for a natural way to kill germs on/around: toilets, rubbish bins, phone handsets, doorknobs, office work stations, children’s toys, bathroom and kitchen surfaces or any other hard surface.
Spots and Stains
  • Eucalyptus’ grime-busting power is great for stains. For carpets, clothes and upholstery, spray and wipe the stain, placing an absorbent cloth under the stain if possible.
  • Use as a laundry pre-wash, spraying stained areas of clothes a few minutes prior to laundering
  • Patch test a small area first
Gum, Glue and Sticky Substances
  • Great for hard-to reach areas, Bosisto’s Spray quickly removes chewing gum, adhesive labels and sticky residue. Spray generously on sticky substance, leave for a few minutes then wipe off.
General Cleaning & Home
  • There’s no cleaning job Bosisto’s Spray can’t tackle. Wipe down benchtops, children’s toys, phones, bathroom surfaces to clean, remove gunk and grime and freshen
  • Cleans glass, stainless steel
  • Freshen and deodorise pet bedding and pet areas
  • Freshen mattresses when changing sheets