Ear Putty x2 Surgi Pack



Surgipack® Ear Plugs are made to high quality standards, are rated according to Australian Standard for Occupational Noise Management (AS/NZS 1269.3), and use the SLC₈₀ rating system.


Ear Plugs are available  in disposable foam, putty and re-usable types.

  • Malleable silicone
  • moulds into the shape of outer ear
  • Must not be inserted into ear canal
Features and Benefits
  • Made from highest quality silicone
  • Malleable so it moulds into shape of outer ear
  • Helps seal out noise & water
  • SLC80 rating of 21db
  • soft and comfortable
  • reusable (whilst putty is kept tacky and not soiled)
  • great for travel