CoQ10 Caps 150mg 60 (Premium)



Co Enzyme Q10 (Co Q10) is a vital catalyst in the creation of energy that cells need for life.


Within every cell of your body are mitochondria. The mitochondria are your cells energy plants.

The more energy required by the cells then the more mitochondria there are within the cells. Therefore your heart, liver, kidneys, muscles and nerves have high concentrations of mitochondria and conversely, your bones have low concentrations of mitochondria. The mitochondria combine fuel (calories) with oxygen and then use various nutrients in a multi-step process to produce energy (ATP). There are many nutrients that assist in the process, but none are more critical than Co Q10.

Co Q10 is critical in the final steps of aerobic energy production and is unable to be replaced or compensated with any other nutrient. If you are deficient in Co Q10 your cells will not be able to produce enough energy to enable your body to perform efficiently.

The importance of the source of Co Q10

Sources of supplemental Co Q10 range from Synthetic, Semi - Synthetic, Bacteria Fermented and Yeast Fermented. Good quality Co Q10 carries with it a negative charge, which is critical to Co Q10's effectiveness inside your body's cells. Without this electrical charge present it is extremely difficult to get the Co Q10 to perform as effectively as it should.

We only use the very best quality naturally fermented Co Q10 available, which is yeast derived and is produced by the Japanese corporation Kaneka. Kaneka Q10 has an all-trans configuration and is bio-identical to your own bodies Co Q10 and also contains the essential negative electrical charge.