CleanEars Kids Ear Wax Removal Spray 30mL



CleanEars Kids is a clinically proven ear wax removal spray that is suitable for children and babies over 2 months old.



It works by dissolving ear wax (also known as ‘cerumen’) and provides irrigation to flush it from the ear canal. With CleanEars Kids, you do not have to tilt your head or lie down for application, it’s dual action means you can simply spray and go!

By using CleanEars Kids, ear wax is gradually removed from the ear within several hours or days.

CleanEars Kids contains natural ingredients, is free from preservatives and is a safer alternative to using cotton ear buds.

CleanEars Kids is a simple easy spray that removes ear wax using the following main ingredients:

  • Squalene: a similar composition to ear wax but in liquid form. When it is sprayed into the ear, the squalene collides with the cerumen and through imparting its kinetic energy, it partially liquefies the ear wax.
  • Mineral oil: helps irrigate the ear and removes the dissolved ear wax from the ear canal.
  • Spearmint oil: warms the ear canal and provides a pleasant odour.