Bosisto's Eucalyptus Nasal Spray - 50ml

Corner Chemist


  • Saline solution with the freshness of natural eucalyptus
  • Clears sinus and nasal passages
  • Congestion relief for colds, hayfever and sinusitis
  • 250 sprays
  • Flushes away irritants & adds moisture in dry environments
  • Suitable for all ages from 2+
  • Australian made & owned


Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Nasal Spray is a hypertonic saline solution with the freshness of eucalyptus to help alleviate congestion. It gently flushes away irritants like pollen, dust and other pollutants to help you breathe easier. Thins and loosens mucous secretions to help keep sinuses clear, and adds moisture to soothe irritation due to allergies or dry air.

Recommended for:

  • Sinusitis
  • Colds & flu
  • Allergies
  • Hayfever
  • Nasal dryness
  • Maintaining optimal nasal health


Directions for Use

Adults and Children over 2 years:

  • 2-3 sprays in each nostril 4-6 times daily.
  • Insert nozzle into one nostril and fully depress the pump while breathing in through nose.
  • Repeat in other nostril.

To be used by one person only to limit the spread of infection. To be used within 3 months of opening. Do not use if the seal is broken. Store below 30°C.



Sodium Chloride 13 mg/mL
Eucalyptus Oil - 438 mcg/ml
Preservative: Benzalkonium Chloride