A Little Bit of Relief



Naturally Effective

A Little Bit of Relief uses natural active ingredients, including eucalyptus and peppermint oils. These act as effective analgesics and anti-inflammatories to temporarily ease pain and reduce swelling, without the unwanted side effects of many other medications.  

More Relief, Less Hassle

With A Little Bit of Relief, there are no tablets to remember, or dosages to keep track of. There’s just an easy to apply gel, for pain relief as you need it. Apply liberally to the affected area. Use 3 to 4 times daily. Rub gently in circular motion until completely absorbed into skin. Re-apply as often as required. A Little Bit of Relief has been formulated to be suitable for long term use, such as for the management of chronic pain. Discuss your options with your doctor.


Australian Owned

A Little Bit of Relief is 100% Australian owned, and proudly Australian made.