Our Philosophy on Community Pharmacy

Our Philosophy on Community Pharmacy

The Corner Chemist was conceptualised around 5 years ago. It came out of a desire to take that which was working so well in a face-to-face environment and take it online. With all things, this has taken some time to turn into a reality. But now we are here.

The corporate model of pharmacies has become quite commoditized and often your experience when arriving at a pharmacy is with a young retail assistant who will process your order but is not always able to offer the medical insight into what you need. You do not get access to the trusted medical adviser that historically you had access to, and you often knew quite well.

We thought you might be interested in our philosophy on community pharmacy and the Corner Chemist.

1. Pharmacists have been consistently voted as some of the most trusted professionals

Pharmacists are still, across countries, voted as some of the most trusted professionals. This hasn’t changed. There have been arguments from leading Doctors that this might be shifting. In terms of the polls it hasn’t but the argument that has been made has some merit.
    Hearsay feedback suggests that many shop fronts now resemble supermarkets and access to pharmacists is becoming limited.
      We take a position that there is a place for all types of pharmacy establishments, and different shopping experiences suit different people. What we want though, is to continue to hire excellent pharmacists, amazing pharmacy assistants and offer professional services to our customers. We believe that many want access to a pharmacist and a feeling they have been given good advice by their trusted medical advisor. We will offer this to you.

      2. The promotion of a holistic approach to wellness, prevention is always going to be better than a cure.

      Some of the criticisms that have been levelled at the industry is the embracing of complementary medicines, supplements and non-evidence-based remedies. We find this to be inaccurate and unfair. Yes, pharmacies are encouraging the use of vitamins and supplements. There is a plethora of empirical research on how vitamins and supplements work.
        We also believe that this is what many want. We also believe that there is huge merit in complementary medicines. For example. Curcumin, or turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for millennia as a wound-healing agent and for treating a variety of ailments. It is now being used as an anti-inflammatory and for those with Cancer and Alzheimer’s.
          The products we stock have research behind them. Not all of them belong to big, corporate pharmaceutical companies. But in time, often these companies pick these products up.

          3. Offering insights that are based on empirical, heavily scrutinised, scientific research.

          We are firm believers that the hard work being done by scientists in universities, hospitals and research facilitates all over the world is where we should put our trust first. We trust empirically tested, peer-reviewed research. Believe it or not, there are people waiting for someone to complete research in order to debunk it, discredit it and prove it wrong. This is how peer-reviewing works.
          A pseudo-science blogger who believes that the whole industry is corrupt isn’t the first person to try and discredit this research. The difference is that the other scientists have the understanding of the science and the qualifications that affords them the credibility to be able to legitimately challenge the research. So, let them do their job.
          There have been issues with medicines in that past that have come onto the market and due to the side effects of those medicines the medicine is no longer available. But with the low number of those particular medicines and the high number of medicines that are still available on the market because they do work and have always worked, it is a minuscule number that have been proven to be problematic.
          Once again our aim is to educate and provide as much information as possible based on empirical research, research that has been scrutinized, reviewed and pulled apart to ensure that any suggestion that we are making around what you should do for your health and well-being and happiness are based on true science and not pseudo-ideas.

          4. Building special interest communities that enable education, communication and support

          One thing we know about ailments, illnesses, diseases and other conditions is that when people either suspect they have something or are then diagnosed as such, often they go searching the internet for information, support and people can often seek out community. It can be a lonely world if you are diagnosed with something and either don’t know another person with this condition or feel those around you might not understand.
          Whilst we have a lot of ideas around this. We would also like to suggest that our community makes suggestions to us to create opportunities for support and community for people living with certain conditions.
          As part of this, we will do our best, often in collaboration with other experts, to ensure there is relevant, helpful, up to date information available for you. Our aim is to create supportive, non-judgemental, and educated communities. If it’s something like allergies, or something as serious as a terminal condition, we want to be able to ensure that those living with these conditions are able to connect with others to feel a sense of support.

          5. Collaboration with complementary health care professionals

          A short section in comparison to what else is in this content piece, but equally as important. We admit we cannot possibly know everything, nor do we have the time and resources to research everything.

          If we work with Doctors, Specialists, Allied Health Professionals, Naturopaths and other complementary professionals, we might just be able to provide you with more support, more education, and more value.

          6. Bringing back the feeling of community pharmacy, as best we can in an online context.

          We want to bring back the love. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that anyone who contacts us through the Corner Chemist website or through one of our social media channels, gets access to the person they need access to.
          We understand that everyone is busy, whether you are working, working hard at home, looking after children or other dependents, if we can take the hassle of a trip to the shops away for you, and deliver what you need to your door, hopefully, this can create some convenience and a little bit of extra time to do other important things.

          7. Customer service is REALLY important to us. We aim to get it right every time.

          Realistically once in a while, we might miss something. We also believe we are in a field that is so important and it is critical that firstly you get the product you need for your situation.

          We will ask you questions to ensure that we are giving you the correct medication/supplement. We will ensure that every email or message is responded to. We will ensure that you get the parcel in the post. If something doesn’t go right, please come to us first.

          We pride ourselves on ALWAYS resolving issues with our customers. We never intend for it to go wrong, so please give us the benefit of the doubt. Rather than delivering poor ratings and reviews if something goes wrong, come to us first and we will ensure we fix it every time.

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