Tepe Toothpick Birch Slim Fluoride 125



Delicate dental stick closely interdental spaces. Contains 125 toothpicks from birch wood. Contains fluoride.

The classic triangular wooden dental stick has been developed by TePe company since 1965 and still is appreciated in the world. Toothpicks of The TePe have natural triangular shape to easily adapt to the interdental spaces of the mouth.

The toothpicks should be used every evening between all the teeth and their role is to prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth during the night. Choose a wooden stick in size to fit the interdental spaces of your mouth. If you yourself can locate the right size for you, consult your dentist or your dental hygienist, to choose for you the right size.


  • Before using the dental stick, moisten your mouth. This move will keep longer duration, it will make it more flexible and will have a better effect of fluoride.
  • Move the dental stick, flat side against the gum tissue, back and forth in each interdental space.
  • The dental stick will clean larger areas if bent. Keep your chin with the fingers for increased stability and better control.