Superfacelift 50mL (Skin Doctors)



Superfacelift™ cream reduces the appearance of forehead wrinkles by up to 86% in just 8 weeks.


SuperfaceliftTM is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of forehead wrinkles by 86% and crow’s feet by 63% in just 8 weeks! Its cosmeceutical strength formula helps smooth wrinkles and tightens and firms a sagging complexion by supporting the health of your skin’s structure. Look dramatically younger with long term results.

  • ProDEJine – has been shown to reinforce the dermo-epidermal junction and stimulate dermis protein synthesis. It has been clinically shown to decrease wrinkles on the forehead by 86% and wrinkles on the crow’s feet by 63% in 8 weeks. Further consumer clinical testing revealed a significant improvement in cutaneous tonicity, wrinkles and skin loosening when compared with placebo. 
  • Tagravit R - encapsulated Retinol (Vitamin A), has anti-ageing activity (wrinkles, lines and loss of elasticity), is highly effective for UV damaged skin and assists in improving the cell renewal process.
  • Vitamin E - naturally derived super antioxidant, which assists in rectifying oxidative changes caused by UV. 
  • Lactic Acid (AHA) - naturally occurring fruit acid, that has been shown to increase the water-holding ability of the corneum layer of the skin, allowing for an improvement in fine lines

How to Use

After cleansing, gently massage evenly over face and neck. Follow with daily or nightly moisturiser. For best results use twice daily, morning and evening.