Stayfree Ultra Thin Super Wings 12



Sick of pads bunching and creeping up where they don't belong? Try new STAYFREE Ultra Thins with PerfectFit Technology.


With thin, flexible layers designed to move with you not against you, STAYFREE Ultra Thins are so comfortable, they come with a fidget less guarantee or your money back. But dont just take our word for it, because nine out of ten women agreed they fidgeted less with STAYFREE


Just like the name says, Ultra Thin pads are really really thin. Regular, Super and Dry Max Ultra Thins now have PerfectFit Technology, a combination of thin and flexible layers that move with your body to minimise bunching and scrunching. So you wont need to adjust your pad any more*. Theyre comfy too. Theyve even got this Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover that feels nice against your skin.


STAYFREE with PerfectFit Technology fits you well, and when a pad fits you better it offers better protection. Theyre extra good at soaking up moisture too making you feel comfy and protected.


STAYFRESH active odour neutralisers help you feel clean and fresh as a daisy.


STAYFREE pads have Fast Lock Pockets that lock away moisture instantly. It is also the only pad with THERMOCONTROL cover. It sounds pretty technical, but the easy bit is it draws in moisture to keep you dry. And when youve got your period, dry is better.

Need some help deciding?

Period planner

For a light flow, STAYFREE Ultra Thin Light are usually best. They have an advanced anti-leak core and unique fast-lock pockets that absorb fluid and lock it away to leave you feeling dry and protected. For a medium flow, try STAYFREE pads (Ultra Thin or Standard) in Regular absorbency.

When your flow is heavy, choose STAYFREE pads (Ultra Thin or Standard) with Super absorbency, which are designed to absorb more fluid than a regular pad.