Sensodyne Toothpaste Pronamel 110g



  • Helps protect teeth against the effects of acid wear.
  • Hardens enamel to help withstand acid wear.
  • Contains fluoride for cavity prevention.
  • Low abrasive formulation.
  • Great taste keeps mouth feeling fresh and clean.

New Pronamel, from the makers of Sensodyne, is specially formulated to help protect against the effects of acid wear, as well as harden tooth enamel to help withstand acid wear. As it contains fluoride it also provides the benefits of a regular daily toothpaste.

Help protect your teeth against the growing problem of acid wear.

Dentists have reported a growing dental health concern due to changing modern diets: acid wear.

Even teeth without cavities can be affected. Acids in everyday foods such as some fruit and acidic drinks like orange juice and wine can add to the general wear and tear of the tooth's enamel.

Directions for Use

  1. Brush with Pronamel toothpaste twice daily in place of your regular toothpaste.
  2. For children under 12, see your dentist before use.
  3. Get a regular dental check up and speak to your dentist about other ways to minimise the effects of acid wear.