Omron Heartsure Blood Pressure Monitor HEM 7111



Omron HEM-7111 Blood Pressure Monitor is a digital device used in medical centres as well as home applications.


It works on the principle of Oscillometry with pressure gauge capable of measuring the systolic and diastolic values in 5 seconds. The digital blood pressure monitor has an accurate calibration to level of ± 3mmHg. It can also measure Pulse with a precision accuracy of 5 percent buffer. The digital screen is a clear scratch proof LCD display with fourteen sets of memory reading.

Omron Monitor has an inflation arm cuff with automatic pressure inflation pump which is deflated using the automatic pressure release valve. It has a highly sensitive Capacitive pressure sensor module. The body is made of hardened plastic body that is water proof and heat resistant. The blue streak over the rim gives it an aesthetic look which is suited for medical application.

The digital monitor runs on 4 batteries powered by optional 4 watt AC supply. The package comes with main unit, a medium sized arm cuff and an instructional manual. The battery set is neatly tucked along with the main unit. The unit can operate under temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees.