Nuk Sootherx2 Latex Age 3 Happy



NUK 3 Happy Kids soother products come in a variety of different designs similar to that of the photographs shown here.


You will receive a pair of the NUK 3 Happy Kids Soothers of a similar design as shown – however the designs cannot be specified at the time of order.

The teats are made from Latex rubber rather than Silicon.

Ever wondered what the numbers are associated with NUK products?  These numbers are size related and are also related to the age of the infant that may require them.

  • NUK 1 is for 0-6 months,
  • NUK 2 is 6-18 Months,
  • NUK 3 is normally the largest product for 18 months +

NUK do not have a product named NUK 5, this is a nickname for the Medic Pro pacifier manufactured for Adolescents and Adults and are made in two sizes – Small and Large and are offered on a separate page.