Nitwits Combing Solution with Comb 220mL



* Comb Out Lice and Eggs *


Formulated specifically for long hair this conditioning cream works quickly to detangle knots making the dreary task of combing out head lice or checking for head lice that much easier.

What’s more the thick, white cream lotion – containing Eucalyptus & Melaleuca extracts – actually coats the head lice, making them much easier to locate.

Use the combing solution to check for head lice regularly.

Head Lice Comb:

* Remove Lice and Eggs *

The NitWits Head Lice Comb is the ultimate tool in treating and checking for head lice. Complete with detangling teeth to help unlock knots, stainless steel removal teeth, a 5 x magnifying glass to help locate the nasty nits and a long comfy grip handle.