Natural Way Calamaril Oil 1000mg 30



50+ Health, Brain, Memory and Sleep, Heart Health.


Nature’s Way Calamari Oil is the better choice Calamari Oil for a number of reasons.

  • Our calamari oil is quality grade, as our calamari oil undergoes molecular distillation. Calamari oil in our diet does not contain the DHA concentration that Golden Calamari Oil does.
  • Our calamari oil – is an environmentally sustainable source of calamari, via Eco Friendly, non-invasive fishing methods, so it has no effect on the ocean floor or coral reefs.
  • It is extracted from the cut off remains of squid killed for food that would normally be discarded. Nature’s Way therefore produce Calamari oil which are produced in a sustainable, responsible manner.


Golden Calamari Oil is generally used by adults of all ages, but may be of most benefit to those who want to support learning, brain health, healthy cognitive function,  and eye health.