Michaels Dermo Relief 100g



Michael’s Dermo Relief is a soothing moisturising ointment providing temporary relief from itchiness and redness associated with psoriasis, dermatitis & adult eczema.


It is very effective in relieving an itchy, dry and flaky scalp, hair margin dermatitis and it is ideal to soften dry and cracked heels.

Michael’s Dermo Relief is CORTISONE FREE.


  • Soothes and cools inflamed and itchy areas.
  • Removes excess flaky skin.
  • Prevents dryness.
  • Excellent for treating scalp psoriasis.
  • Washable base.

  • Menthol—cools the skin and relieves itching.
  • Coal Tar—relieves itching, inflammation & prevents the build-up of thick skin.
  • Salicylic Acid—removes excess flaky skin and allows newly formed and protected skin to appear.
  • Emu Oil base—very moisturising and an anti-inflammatory.
  1. Apply twice daily to affected area as required.
  2. Suitable for persons 6 years and older.
  3. Not suitable during pregnancy.
  4. For scalp psoriasis, massage into the affected area thoroughly at night and wash out in the morning. For best results try using Michael’s Olivara Shampoo and Olivara Conditioner.