Maybe Baby Ovulation Test



Maybe Baby® easy ovulation tester works by creating an image of your saliva.


The level of oestrogen (female sex hormone) in saliva increases dramatically two to three days before ovulation and reaches its peak around the time of ovulation. Maybe Baby® easy ovulation tester uses this increased level of oestrogen to help you identify the ideal time to conceive and maximize the possibility of a successful pregnancy


  • Re-usable month after month
  • Simple and conveyor most fertile days
  • Fast result in 10 to 15 minutes

Who is Maybe Baby suitable for?

Couples who want children and will benefit knowing when conception is most probable

Variation in results

Maybe Baby will not work for everyone. Maybe Baby magnifies saliva which allows you to read your oestrogen levels. Anything that affects oestrogen levels in the body may affect the results. This may include medications, infections, breastfeeding and pregnancy.
High oestrogen levels will produce ongoing ‘ferning’ pattern while low oestrogen levels will not be picked up by the microscope

Oestrogen levels can be tested by a doctor through a simple test