Klorane Oatmilk



Conditioner with Oat Milk. Frequent use ultra-gentle, Extra-gentle Protection       


An innovative formula :

  1. To procure softness and protection in the most delicate hair types, the formula of the new Conditioner with oat milk contains an exceptional concentration of softening oat milk and coating moisturising active ingredients (glycerin, triglycerides).
  2. The paraben free and phenoxyethanol free formula was tested under dermatological control.
  3. Developed without silicone and enriched in inuline, a new 100% natural detangling active ingredient, the conditioner gently detangles hair without overloading hair fiber with product, thus preserving supple, light results.
  4. Derived from chicory root, inulin is a polymer that replaces traditional synthetic conditioning agents.


An original lightweight texture: Perfectly suited for frequent use, Conditioner with oat milk is a fluid and velvet-smooth milky emulsion making distribution all over hair and rinse-off easy. With no weighing down effect on hair, it can be used as often as desired.