Kenkay Sorbolene - Cetomacrogrol Pure Cream



A pure Sorbolene alternative as it does not contain Glycerin to relieve and protect the skin.


It is the preferred ointment base in the preparation of active creams (A.P.F formulation).

Fragrance and colour free, this effective moisturiser is gentle on the skin, readily absorbed and excellent for:

  • Neck, face and body
  • For dry, cracked and peeling skin
  • For after sun care - moisturising sunburnt or peeling skin
  • As an effective soap replacement for sensitive skin
  • An effective shaving cream replacement

Kenkay Sorbolene continues to be trusted by Australian healthcare professionals and consumers. We use quality ingredients, own our own production facilities and implement stringent manufacturing processes. Our facilities and processes are are regularly inspected by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). That’s why we say it’s not just sorbolene, its Kenkay!

Always read the label; use only as directed; if symptoms persist see your healthcare professional