Karicare Plus 3 Toddler 1yr 900g



Toddler Growing Up Milk


Stage 3 - from 1 year

Whether you've got an unadventurous snacker or an enthusiastic eater, a nutritious diet is important for your active toddler. As a parent, you want to make sure they're getting the essential vitamins and minerals that help contribute to their normal growth and development.

Karicare+ Toddler Stage 3 Growing Up Milk is a delicious milk drink, specially formulated for toddlers one year and older, that may help when your little one’s diet might not be supporting their busy life.

  • Gentle on little tummies
  • Contains 16 essential vitamins and minerals*
  • One serving provides at least 20-50% of recommended dietary intake of essential nutrients*
  • Enriched with calcium and vitamin D for normal teeth and bone structure*
  • Enriched with iron for normal immune system function*
  • Contains omega-3 DHA*

*When the product is consumed as part of a healthy and varied diet and is prepared as directed