Heart Salt 200g



The Healthier Choice for Everyday Use


Why Heart Salt is different:

  • 56% less Sodium than Salt
  • Suitable for Hypertension sufferers
  • Great salt taste
  • Only reduced sodium Chicken Salt in the market

The Heart-Friendly Alternative to Salt

While our bodies need a certain amount of salt to function properly, we’ve all heard the warnings about consuming too much sodium.

It can lead to increased blood pressure, leaving us with a high risk of heart disease, yet as a nation, we continue to ignore the warnings.

While symptoms can go unnoticed and sufferers can feel just fine, heart disease is no joke and shouldn’t be swept underneath the carpet.

Salt that’s heart-healthy to help you live a normal life

It’s time to get proactive about our heart health – after all, prevention is better than a cure.

NBI’s leading Heart SALT has 56% less sodium than regular salt, contains no MSG and has the great salt taste, which makes it a heart-friendly alternative.

Heart SALT is also available as a great tasting Chicken Salt offering great taste without the level of sodium found in other chicken salts.

It’s time to make the switch – your heart and taste buds will thank you.

Did you know?

The average Australian consumes around three times more sodium than they need for good health. The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) advises that Australian adults should aim to consume no more than one teaspoon (4 grams) of salt a day (or 1,600 mg of sodium a day) in order to prevent chronic disease.