Burnshield Hydrogel 50g Tube



 Burnshield rapidly cools the burn helping to prevent further tissue damage and aid the healing process, and offers the patient rapid and ongoing pain relief.

Burnshield Gel consists of in excess of 90% water trapped in a proprietary gel, containing Melaleuca Oil, a naturally occurring substance, from the leaves of the Australian Melaleuca tree.

Melaleuca Oil is a proven antiseptic, which exhibits local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Key Features

  • Burnshield® is a remarkable Sterile, Hydrogel (wet) product that provides the essential physical protection urgently needed when someone is accidentally burnt.
  • Suitable for Flame, Hot Water / Steam, Chemical, Radiation and Electrical Burns.
  • Safe for use on children.
  • Highly effective within the first 24 hour period.
  • Absorbs and dissipates heat - minimises burn damage.
  • Cools and soothes - pain relief and shock reduction.
  • Natural anti-bacterial - reduce infection.
  • Dressing provides covering - keeps burn area moist & clean.
  • Hydrogel is Clear - easy to assess wound.
  • Non -adherent - will not adhere to wound.
  • Non -Toxic - no reaction if ingested
  • Non - Irritant - no adverse reaction