Banlice Mousse 200g



    BANLICE® Mousse contains Natural Pyrethrins


    Pyrethrins come from chrysanthemum flowers & are widely recognized to be amongst the least toxic, yet effective, insecticides available for human use

      BANLICE® Mousse is Your No Mess / No Fuss Head lice Treatment

      Because you can control the mousse, Banlice reduces the risk of nasty drips & spills

        BANLICE® Mousse Does Not Have an Unpleasant Smell

        BANLICE® Mousse is Suitable For Use From 2 Years Of Age

        If a child under two has head lice, or if you are pregnant & wish to treat yourself, we recommend you first consult your local GP for advice

        1. Shake can thoroughly before use
        2. Apply BANLICE® Mousse to DRY hair
        3. Massage into the scalp & hair for 2 - 3 minutes, until thoroughly wet
        4. Leave in hair for 10 minutes, then wash thoroughly with your normal shampoo
        5. Remove dead lice & nits (eggs)
        6. Inspect & re-treat in 8 - 10 days if necessary

        Tips to help prevent re-infestation  

        - Inspect ALL family members - including Mum & Dad - & treat if necessary
        - Wash all brushes/combs/hair clips, linen & clothing worn in the last 48 hours, in hot water.
        - Suspect items that cannot be washed (eg. hats, teddy bears, bike helmets) can be isolated in a sealed plastic bag for 8 - 10 days. If there are any lice on these items, they will complete their life cycle in the bag
        - Keeping long hair securely tied back (plait/bun) will assist in minimizing re-infestation whilst head lice are about
        - Notify your friends & the school that you have found a case of head lice. This will help control the extent of the outbreak